Full season, mini-plans, flex plans and group sales are all features that compliment individual event sales.

Season Plans

Glitnir offers sales through both online & the box office of full season plans, mini-plans and flex plans to provide flexibility and convenience for your customers. Our GHub module allows for resale or ticket transfervia email to ensure that our clients maximize attendance.

Group Sales

Glitnir offers online group sales facilitated by unique id codes so that group members can sit together while eliminating the need for the group leader to dispense tickets to individually to each member. With the traditional group sales methodology, Glitnir allows for groups to pay in installments, with the organization able to generate contracts & invoices in the system. Every article of information is created and stored within the system. (Every piece of information that is inputed is stored within the system, and available to extract at any time.)
Merchandise and concessions can be associated with Group ticket sales and tracked by reports.


Glitnir offers two options to sell merchandise online; (1) a full storefront on our clients’ sites detailing available items with photos and pricing; (2) offering a specific piece as an upsell with a ticket purchase. Glitnir also offers a POS merchandise solution.

Advertising & Sponsorship

Glitnir offers a sponsorship store where our clients can create available advertising products and campaigns within the admin. Salespeople can build corporate accounts into the Glitnir System, sell the product, accept full payment (or installments) and track sales by individual and as a team.

Client Testimonials

    "After making the switch to Glitnir this season, as of July we have already surpassed last year's online ticket sales. Glitnir is extremely easy to use from a user and customer buying perspective and overall sales are up 30-40 percent."

  • Ryan Shelton
    Salem Red Sox
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