The Glitnir Ticketing Team



Staff-GordonKrstacic-CEO.jpg Gordon Krstacic - CEO
Gordon Krstacic has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Glitnir Technologies since its inception in 2004. Prior to this position, Gordon was employed as the Global Director of FileNet, where he was responsible for overseeing the local office’s financial services clients and projects covering a broad array of topics. He was a Financial Services Practice Leader at NetNumina Solutions, the Chief Information Officer and Chief Operating Officer of International Trade Finance Exchange, a Financial Services and Advanced Technology Director at Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, a Founding Partner and Vice President at Street Technologies, and the Chief Executive Officer of Pegasus Expertise Systems where he provided consulting services to the KPMG’s CIO, Senior Partners and KPMG’s Chief Financial Officer at their Montvale headquarters. Gordon began his career in financial services and eventually became a Senior Vice President for Payment Processing and Retail Services at ABN/AMRO before pursuing more entrepreneurial interests. Gordon likes to build things so building and developing Glitnir Ticketing has been a passion of his for the last 12 years.

Staff-BillMcLean.jpg William Mclean - CTO
Bill is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Glitnir Ticketing, and is responsible for business and technical plan development, network and security architecture offerings, client relationship development, and cross-enterprise technical architecture and infrastructure.

Staff-BryanGray-CMO.jpg Bryan Gray - COO
Bryan is a high energy, fun-loving, results-oriented operations leader. He is responsible for aligning our sales/marketing strategies with our strategic business objectives. In our day to day operations Bryan is passionate about raising leaders and building 'strengths based’ teams where we understand and value our teams differences. "My real passion is empowering our team to do what they love the most and do the best as we disrupt our industry." Bryan is a family man who enjoys basketball, golf, art, the beach and a glass of wine at night.

Staff-AdamLowler.jpg Adam Lowler - Co-Director of Customer Support
I support a number of our current customers while trying to gather intel and prospect new business opportunities in collegiate and pro sports. I attend all of our trade shows and showcase our ticketing platform to the world. I knew I wanted to work in sports early on in life. I have worked with a number of pro sports teams throughout my career including the Detroit Red Wings and St. Paul Saints. Glitnir has given me the opportunity to stay in sports without the hours and stress that come with working for a pro team or school. I am a lucky man. I have always been surrounded by great friends and family. My wife Lauren and son AJ drive me to be my best in every aspect of my life. They are my world.

Staff-ShannonKrein.jpg Shannon Krein - Co-Director of Customer Support
I can say without hesitation that Glitnir makes not only our client's staff day to day operations run smoothly, but most importantly makes the buying or renewal process for our client's customer's easier than deciding to walk Barry Bonds in a tie playoff ball game with a runner on third. (Side note...I'm a Giants fan.). I work diligently to assist our client's needs any time of day or night. I have always had a passion for sports, playing collegiate softball than transitioning my love for sports into the Sports Information Student Assistant position in college where I learned the in's and out's of what it takes to not only manage a box office, but run an athletic department.

Staff-BritneyForbes.jpg Britney Forbes - Graphic Design and Customer Support
I came to Glitnir first as a Client Support and Customer Service representative and came to quickly realized that I could offer my knowledge and skills as a Graphic Designer to Glitnir as a whole as well as our individual clients. I am passionate about Arts, Music, Technology, and always looking to learn something new.

Staff-RyanForbes.jpg Ryan Forbes - Office Analyst
I am a college student who loves watching movies and playing video games. In my free time I like going to concerts and snowboarding during the winter. I joined Glitnir in 2013 doing client support, but have since branched out into web development and technical support.

Staff-MatthewAtias.jpg Matthew Atias - Client Support
I came to Glitnir in February of 2015, about 9 months after receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics. I was a Client Support Representative, and a Backup Financial Analyst. I have since moved to Chicago, but continue to work remotely doing what I have done, working my way up to handling many clients, and being able to use my skills in Microsoft Excel to manipulate Glitnir's reporting in many different ways. I have many passions outside of Glitnir, as I am in school for a PhD in Pure Mathematics. I enjoy Music, Art, Philosophy, and Psychology. I am always looking for more ways to make connections, and I love connecting something I do not know to something that I do know

Staff-AshleyUtke.jpg Ashley Utke - Client Support
Assisting clients in the day to day operations and updates of Glitnir Ticketing Systems. MN native, living in AZ. 70 degrees is cold. Lover of desert sunsets, spicy food, and baseball.

Staff-LukeKormanik.jpg Luke Kormanik - New Business Development and Client Support
I love sports and am a movie enthusiast with a knack of knowing random stats and quotes. Arsenal supporter and avid disc golfer.

Staff-DonaldHanson.jpg Donald Hanson - Web Development and Client Support
Donald is a Web Developer at Glitnir, who also specializes in Technical Support and customer assistance.

Staff-JesseVendegna.jpg Jesse Vendegna - Programmer
I am a college student completing a B.S. in Computer Programming with a concentration in Web Development. I joined Glitnir in October 2009. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, cars, video games, and watching hockey.

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